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ATC Companies, Inc. was founded in 1977 and is the parent company of three subsidiaries: ATC Systems, Inc., Automatic Temperature Control Services, Inc. and Somerset Controls, Inc. All of our companies are located in Middlesex and provide an array of temperature control related services to customers throughout New Jersey.

ATC Systems, Inc. is an Authorized Building Controls Specialist (ABCS) licensed by Johnson Controls Company, Inc. to install and service their products. Since becoming an authorized representative of Johnson Controls many years ago, ATC Systems has consistently exceeded the customer expectations and sales goals required to maintain this status.

ATC Systems employs Union Electricians from most of the IBEW locals throughout the state of New Jersey and as a Licensed Electrical Contractor is able to complete installations in accordance with all applicable state codes.

Automatic Temperature Control Services, Inc. is our service oriented subsidiary which specializes in maintaining existing temperature control systems. Automatic Temperature Control Services, Inc. can also provide retrofit and renovation services to customers having pneumatic/electronic and automated direct digital control systems.

Somerset Controls, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of temperature control parts, which maintains an inventory of control devices from various manufacturers such as Johnson Controls, Honeywell and Siemens.

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